Making Technology Fun, Inc.

Making Technology Fun, Inc.

The 2014-2015 3d printed Blockheads logo

The 2015-2016 Blockheads with the PTC design award at the VA state championship.

The 2014-2015 Blockheads at the USNA after winning the PTC design award and being finalists in the overall competition

The Blockheads 2014-2015 robot, Noo-Noo. Noo-Noo consisted of over 85 custom designed 3d printed parts, and the Blockheads won 3 different design awards for this robot at different competitions.

The Blockheads 2013-2014 robot, Noo-Noo

FTC team 7117, The Blockheads, is an FTC team made up of 6 high school juniors. The Blockheads competed in FLL for 3 years before FTC. The Blockheads have done FTC for four years as team 7117. In FLL, The Blockheads consistently won awards with their robot, Rex, and in FTC the Blockheads have won numerous awards for their mostly 3d-printed robots, named Noo-Noo. In their previous season of FTC, the Blockheads advanced to the World Championship after winning the 2nd place Control award at the Eastern Super Regionals and the PTC design award at the VA State Championship.

The Blockheads